We help drive maximum value through global supply chain optimisation, easing the pain from your internal IT challenges on a daily basis. 

MyChange Approach 

Change IT are a total IT solutions provider, offering complete IT solutions to allow our clients to stay at the cutting edge of technology. 
At Change IT our leading team of experts will ensure you get the correct product delivered on time and on budget. We work agnostically with best of breed manufacturers as well as continually assessing the emerging tech market to get the best solution to meet your business requirements. 
Our leading edge IT solutions are as a direct result of our long standing and direct relationships with the worlds leading technology partners. 
We have particular niche expertise on providing all solutions within the digital world such as Disruptive Technology, IoT, Supply Chain Optimisation, Global Logistics, including Software and cloud optimisation and services. 
We understand that your company's people are the biggest asset and we work relentlessly to deliver the best user experience to your team by acting as an extension to your IT team to ensure the best user experience possible. 

Software Services 

Our software services are purposely designed to help alleviate challenges in-house. We apply our own knowledge with the products and experience of our partners to help define a software strategy that manages spend and matches your business objectives. 

Stay in control with CSP 

At Change It, we know Microsoft licencing can be daunting and feel restrictive, creating a feeling of being locked in. CSP is designed to change that. 
Here at change we will take the pain out of cloud licencing and give you a flexible contract that is defined on your terms. This covers all three Microsoft Clouds; Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. 
As your CSP partner, we'll ensure that you get the most out of these platforms – and only pay for what you use. 

We provide expert support and advice for the following:   

Enterprise Agreement 
Ideal for organisations with 500+ users or devices seeking a volume licencing program to buy cloud services and software licences under one agreement. 
Microsoft Products & Services Agreement 
The MPSA offers more flexible options, so you can have greater control over how you purchase and manage your assets. 
Open & OVS 
Microsoft Open licencing programs are a simple, cost-effective way for small and midsize organisations to acquire the latest Microsoft technology. 

Software Asset Management 

Software Asset Management (SAM) involves the end to end management of software applications. From purchase, optimisation and deployment, through to maintenance, utilisation and disposal, SAM automates many of the tasks required to ensure compliance and cost control. 

SAM and Licence Compliance 

We deliver SAM and licence compliance reviews, providing you with an Effective Licence Position (ELP). This allows you to make more informed licence procurement decisions based on your actual needs, whilst strengthening your position when negotiating license agreements 

Software Roll Out 

Whether you intend to roll out your new software to your entire base, to a small subset of users or in parallel with legacy code paths, we will guide you along the process by setting clear, measurable objectives. We will review your existing business workflows and processes to identify where change will occur and help define new workflows and processes following successful rollout. 

Software Migration 

When planning to move to a dynamic datacentre, software migration is a critical consideration but needn’t be a complex process. Whether freshly installing applications, hosting them internally, externally, moving to the cloud or virtualising them, we support your migration project by firstly understanding how you are currently managing and your application, users and data. From here we can plan, design, sanitise and implement your migration following the most appropriate methodology. 

User Adoption and Training 

We help you to get the most from your software investment by offering step by step guidance to ensure user adoption across your organisation. We also help to accelerate on-boarding times and increase software usage whilst aiming to alleviate user resistance at every stage. 
We have partnered with certified training providers for multiple platforms to keep knowledge relevant across your support team: 

Patch Management 

We help protect your servers, workstations and remote computers from vulnerabilities and keep them up to date with the latest security patches and software updates by applying effective patch management solutions. 

Audit Support 

We conduct licence audits from all major vendors so that we can easily identify missing data and avoid negative assumptions from the auditors. 
Make more informed licence procurement decisions based on your actual needs 
Achieve certification that unlocks discounts 
Identify and manage live software licences and identify compliance issues 
Get a clear view over users, systems and software and make use of any unused licences 
Effective change control and reduced user resistance 

IT Asset Disposal 

Wherever possible, we generate value for you by reselling your old assets. Where items are obsolete, every single component gets recycled. We provide secure, responsible disposal of redundant IT equipment. Where assets can’t be reused, no component is an environmental burden. Obsolete parts are dismantled, entering material streams to make new products. 

Benefits of using Change-IT Disposal 

Meet all your regulatory and corporate demands Leave everything to our team; no preparation is required Flexible collections within 48 hours to best suit you Highly accredited data eradication and destruction Rack operations in our secure client portal Full audit trail and itemised documentation. 

IT equipment we collect and process 

PCs, Apple Mac desktops, laptops and monitors Mobile phones and tablets Servers, racks and storage equipment Routers, switches and networking equipment Printers, fax machines and scanners EPOS and IP Telephone systems UPS Batteries. 

Donating IT equipment to Charity? 

Just let us know and we will help you do this. 

Change-IT disposal team collects and processes all types of redundant IT equipment, with no minimum collection quantity. 

We collect your equipment 
We test and process each item 
We wipe all data securely 
We resell or recycle assets 
See what's happening at any stage 
For greater efficiency and support, we continually invest in technology. You can log onto our client portal any time to view information on your old IT assets. 

Our Partners 

We stand out from the crowd by partnering with the very best in the IT market place, which in-turn allows us to offer our clients bespoke solutions that exceeds their business needs by implementing the latest in leading edge technology. 


Anytime, anywhere on tap assistance. 


New UK-GDPR Law after Brexit. 


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